'Whisky' VS 'Whiskey'?

Historically (and traditionally) whisky (with no ‘e‘) only applied to grain spirit distilled and matured in Scotland whereas whiskey referred to (certain) American or Irish grain spirits. However, since the Japanese initially produced spirit based on Scottish techniques, they too adopted the term whisky. Distillers in other countries (e.g. Teerenpeli from Finland, Kavalan from Thailand, most Australian and New Zealand distilleries) have also used the term whisky and at the moment ‘whisky‘ is the vogue spelling for new comers to the market (outside of America and Ireland).

I want to cover the full spectrum of barrel aged distilled grain spirit from around the globe that are considered to be whisky or whiskey and I’m choosing to respect what it says on the bottle – so if you have a problem with the spelling take it up with the distillery.

I’m sure this won’t please everyone, but it pleases me and that’s good enough.