About the Whiskyographer

I’m the whiskyographer – an average whisk(e)y lover, adventurer and traveler.

My love affair with whisky and whiskey started with a 12 year old Highland Park in a dodgy bar on Sydney’s North Shore and quickly progressed to something bordering on obsession. I’ve been fortunate enough to drink a wide range of whiskies, including many Japanese whiskies some of which are now (sadly) very difficult to get. I don’t claim to be an expert, and I have no qualifications, but I’d like to share my impressions and experiences of the whiskies I drink and the places I drink them, with you.

I love sweet sherry cask finish scotch (a big fan of Speysides), bright & golden Irish whiskey, fruity & oakey Japanese whisky and the exciting bold whiskies locally made in Australia. I also enjoy whiskies from other parts of Scotland (especially Highland and Islay), Bourbons and emerging whiskies from around the globe. I mostly drink single malts but also love single grains and blends.

You’ll find that most whiskies I like tick a few of the following boxes:

  • Fruity
  • Moderate oak flavours
  • Younger Aussie and Japanese whiskies, around 16 years for Scotch
  • Started in ex-bourbon barrels, finished in something sweeter (usually a wine cask, often sherry)
  • A little bit of subtle peat
  • If it’s a blend then heavy on the grain and nicely malty

There are plenty of exceptions, but you’ll tend to find that the whiskies in this blog that I like share a few of the characteristics above. Hopefully that gives you some idea as to where my preferences are and the styles of whisky I commonly drink. This will help you understand how the way I experience a whisky (and what I enjoy) might differ to you, based on your own preferences.